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The best shoe stores of Milan are the following:

Bally, via Montenapoleone 8

Diego Della Valle, via della Spiga 22

Salvatore Ferragamo , via Montenapoleone ang. v. Borgospesso

Fratelli Rossetti, via Montenapoleone 1

La Vetrina di Baryl, via Statuto 4

Magli, corso Vittorio Emmanuele ang. v. San Paolo

Marilena, via Tornio 13; Pollini, corso V. Emanuele II 30

Sergio Rossi, via della Spiga 15

Teras, via Torino ang. v. Lupetta

Timberland Store, corso Venezia 9

Vergelio, corso Vittorio Emanuele 10

Vierre, via Montenapoleone 27

The most exclusive jewelry shops of the city are the following:

Agalma, via San Tommaso 8

Bernasconi, galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II, 33/35

Buccellati, via Montenapoleone 4

Bulgari, via della Spiga 6

Cartier, via Montenapoleone 16

Cusi, via Montenapoleone 21/A

Faraone Tiffany, via Montenapoleone 7/A

Pomellato, via San Pietro all´ Orto

Romani Adami, via Bagutta 3

Scav, via della Spiga 9

Schreiber, via Manzoni 40

Armani, via Durini 24, via Sant´ Andrea 9

Basile, via Monteleone 27

Chanel, via S. Andrea 10/A

Dolce & Gabbana, via della Spiga 2

Enrico Coveri, corso Matteotti 12

Fendi, via Sant´ Andrea 16

Fiorucci Store, galleria Passerella 1

Gianfranco Ferrè, via della Spiga 11

Gucci, via Monleone 5

Kenzo, via Sant´ Andrea 11

Krizia, via della Spiga 23

Laura Ashley, via Brera 4

Laura Biagiotti, via Borgospesso 19

Les Copains, via Montenapoleone 2

Max Mara, corso Emanuele

Mila Schon, via Montenapoleone 2

Missoni, via Sant´ Andrea 9, piazza Duomo 21

Moschino, via Sant´ Andrea 12

Pierre Cardin, via Verri 6

Romeo Gigli, corso Venezia 11

Ungaro, via Montenapoleone 27

Valentino, via Santo Spirito 3

Versace, via Montenapoleone 11

Yves Saint Laurent, via Verri 8

A & C Milano - Via Marco D'Agrate 41 - Tel 02 57401040

Leather goods with special offers and discounts on handbags, shoes and suitcases.

Ader Milan - V.le Montenero 8

Direct sale to the public of their production of garments on the classic-elegant.

East African craft Milan - Via Confalonieri 34

Ethnic direct import prices. Dlla trinkets to objects, to furniture and fittings.

Albert Shoes Milan-Via Washington 88

Shoe store with large selection of quality men and women.

Milan Via Privata Alessi Alessi-6

Elegant show room with exposed end corporate collections and many items with slight defects in production.

Ann Taybol Milan-Via Ancona, corner Via Solferino

Fabric store to furnish with a department of occasions and always on discontinued lines.

Antonella Milan-Via Varese 13

Stock house apparel for men and women to visit for quality shopping.

They are well aligned with the sizes and made to measure.

Ar3 tricot Milan-Via Polybius 9

Show room of clothes for her and him in the best yarns, with sales from producer to consumer.

Atelier Giusy Bresciani Milan-Via Gerolamo Morone 8

Showroom filled with chic accessories own production.

Avant Milano - Buenos Aires 39

Trendy clothes and accessories for young and juvenile types.

Baby Donna 2000 Milano - Via Biancospini 20

Store PREOWNED women and children.

Baby Prenatal Market Milan - Corso Milano 134

A store with unexpended stores prenatal perennial sellout.

Shop Bassetti Milan - Largo 4 Septimius Severus, via Procaccini 32,

tel. 023450125, Via Botta 7, tel. 0255183191.

Collection of textiles for the home.

Biagio Milan - V.le Kassala 23

Sale and rental shoes original, vintage models to style trendy.

Bimbo stock Milan - Via Marco d'Today 1

From zero to 12 years, signed the choice of heads and accessories (including capellini, underwear, belts ...).

Bindi Milan - via the Liberation, San Giuliano Milanese - tel. 02 982941.

Direct sales of the famous sweets.

Blue Shop Milano - Via Morgantini 28

Stock house women's clothing, but also men.

Boggi Milan - Via Durini 28

Known and elegant store.

CIT BAGUTTA Milan - Via Matteucci 19

Production of classical shirts and casual high quality.

Calzificio Tris Milan - Via Gluck 50

Canadian Milano - Via San Nicolao 3 / a

Different models and sizes for children but also opportunities for adults.

Canadian discount Milan-Via Rosmini 15

Dealer at a discounted price of Canadian sports and fishing. "

Centoborse Milan - Via Giangiacomo Mora 9

Shop smart and special. Among the proposals firmatissima a choice of bags used in excellent condition.

Chiffon Milan - Via D. Galli 4

Elegant clothing for women, made of good fabrics and sizes.

Christofle Milan-Via Martignoni 10, tel. 02 66801811.


Cinius Milano - Garibaldi 55

Ecological furniture.

Outlet classic Milan-V.le Coni Zugna 43

Men's clothing, mainly classical in style, with offers of brand names and signatures.

Cooperative Naviglio Milano - Via Casale 5

Organic and macrobiotic foods, personal hygiene products for beauty.

Cosmix Store Milano - Via Pianella 1

Beauty products and fragrances SCONTATISSIMI.

Outlet Cristiano Fissore Milan - Piazza Tirana 24 / 4

Save up to 50% on all animals on display. Seasonal.


The shop of the designer Martino Midali, with the understated sophistication of end fashion collections of past seasons.

Brooks Milan - Galleria del Corso 2

And 'the canteen of the Max Mara (and their end collections Sportmax lines, Blues and Marina Rinaldi).

De Giovanni Milano - Via Lancetti 34

Silverware factory gate sales to the public.

Diorama Milano - Via Correggio 12

Stock house of signatures or marks for men / women / children and tailoring, with production and sale of clothing themselves.

Company Vestri Milano - Via Pacini 28

Clothing for men and women, all at factory prices from the producer to consumetore.

FASHION ELKAY Milano - Via Sgambati 26

Models in every hue, with high quality.

Ibiza Milan - V.le Monza 38

Fur and leather clothing, high quality, directly from producer to consumer.

Ely Milan - Via Ripamonti 194

Items for weddings, christenings, confirmations, communions in production prices. The ready-made bomboniere from 13 thousand pounds.

Emy Stock Milan - Via Nino Bixio 2

Stock house women's clothing signed (Erreuno, Valentino, Max Mara, Rocco Barocco, Kenzo ...).

Fabric Garland brothers Milan - Via Faleceo 36

Fabrics by the meter and scraps of wool, silk and wool and cashmere mix.

Fabiano footwear Milan - Fidia 3

Footwear for men and women, trendy or classic.

Factory Outlet Prenatal Milan - Corso Buenos Aires

Outlet store chain that looks like a prenatally.

Samsonite Factory Store Milano - Via Milano 18

Samsonite shop where the first lines are also discounted.

Factory Store VALEXTRA Milan - Via Cerva 11

Articles end collection discounted.

Mikhail Farchad Milan - Via Arcimboldi Corner Union Street, corner of Union Street

Oriental Products

Fenegrò Factory Store Milano - Via XXV April 3

Manufacturer with an interesting shop.

Fifty Factory Store Milan - V.le Lazzaroni 25

Clothing, underwear and several men, women and children.

Wool yarn Meazza Milan - Via de Sanctis 47

The yarns are recovered in the best-known companies in the Biella area, are all qualitatively doc

Flash Milano - Via Castelmorrone

Clothing for men and women, heads of the brand.

Stock house Gaston Milano - Via privata Vanzetti 20

Classic clothing for men and women.

GeoWorld nature flagship store Milan - Via Solari

Retail outlet in Milan dedicated to science.

Gessy 8 Milano - Via Romolo Gessi 8

Real leather and quality in this store with the vocation of the boutique.

Ghigo Milan - Melozzo from Forlì, corner Via Morgantini

This shop specializes in measures mini and maxi.

Giacomelli Sport Argentina 4

Garments, accessories, footwear, and equipment of all kinds of sports.

Grissinificio Edelweiss Milan - Via Teodosio 27

Laboratory specializing in artisan bread sticks: about forty different kinds, at prices of production.

Gruppo GFT Revedi Milan - Via Don Bosco 2

Good head for him and for her to direct selling prices.

Famous Chefs Group Italy Milan - Via Montegani 7 / a

Stockists signatures and well stocked brands for men and women.

Guest factory outlet store Milan - Via G. Gianella 26

Stock house brand casual.

HITMAN Milan - via G. Vittorio 8

S clothing factory outlet Cerruti

The Courtyard Milan - Via Messina 2

Casualwear and leisure, with sizes for the whole family.

The Well Milano - Via Venini angle away from Palestrina 22

Working with articles and attentive service, at competitive prices.

The upholsterer of Viale Piave Milan - Viale Piave 29

Upholstery fabrics with excellent opportunities for the price of stocks.

Lighting Solamp Milan - Via Savona 35

Big selection of lamps.

Underwear Stock Milano - Via Ozanam

Stockists of intimacy with many offers of the brand, bundled in a small exhibition space.

Underwear + beach opportunity to sign Milan - Via Giovanni da Milano 4

Stock house underwear and swimwear.

Jaya Milan - Via Cardinale Mezzofanti 24 / b, ext

Furniture, furnishings and objects Indonesia.

Jeans & Work Milan - Piazza Ferrara 4

Kartell Milano - Via delle Industrie 1, Noviglio / Binasco, tel. 02,900,121.

Sale of chairs, bookcases and various additions to the list price.

Shop Kid Milano - Beunos Aires 15

Shop for children from 0 to 12 years, quality clothing and shoes, trademarks Barbie, Kid Land and Fisher Price.

Kuda Bicus 3 Milano - Via Zuccoli 26

Direct selling knitwear and garments (skirts, pants, suits).

Corner Milan - Via Porpora 140

Shop with excellent textile goods at competitive prices. Underwear and household.

The Emporio Isola Milan - Via Prina 11

Clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women, classic and cutting edge.

L.M. International Milan - Via Segrino 17

Shop for computers, notebooks, monitors, laser and inkjet printer, modem and other accessories.

The little shop Milano - Via della Pergola 11

Household of Richard Ginori porcelain.

Bay Milan - Via Montegani 2

Clothing for men, women and children, with sizes comply, home textiles, carpets, underwear.

Lady Bruna Milano - Via Zanella 48 / 5, inside

Leather goods factory in good style and quality, with even direct sales.

Lainati Milan - Via Bravi 8

Confetti and party favors for baptisms, communions, confirmations and weddings.

Lanificio Matterhorn Cesare Gatti Milan - Via Tabbia 17

Models cashmere line Doubletex with cotton wool and external.

Lanificio Luigi Colombo Milan - Region 5 Praline

Textiles and clothing, especially in cashmere

Zegna wool mill Baruffa Milan - Via Sella 140

Shop Lanificio Zegna Baruffa, yarn, knitted underwear and outside in various types of wool and some fabric. All of excellent quality.

Woolen factory Lessona Milan - Region Bridge Guelpa

Establishment of the Mill of Lessona, production of wool fabrics in various colors and classic, at great prices.

Lanificio brothers Bertotto Milan - Via Ivrea 90

Lanificio brothers Bertotto has a variety of tissues, scraps of wool, cashmere and tweed.

By Lenco leader Milan - Via Marco d'Agrate, 41

Sale men's shirts tailored directly to the public.

The House Outlet Milano - Via Newton 14

Gift ideas and wedding list.

Lorenzini Milan - Via Como 39

Shirting the highest quality.

Stock carpet Milan - V.le Campania 7

Carpet and flooring, super opportunities to end the series.

Magic Bula Milan - Via Eustachi 30

Heads small 0 to 16 years, with several brands of trend.

Maglificio Newry Milan-Via Novi 49

Knitwear wool and cashmere on the classical genre.

Maglificio Piacenza Milan - Via della Repubblica 2

Sweaters prized.

Manufacturing abbliamento of Carisio Milano - Via Torino 2

Manufacturers of garments and knitwear for ladies and men in the best yarn.

Marilena Milano - Buenos Aires 25

Elegant and fashionable footwear for men and women.

Martina Castelnovo Milan - Via Zezon 5, ext.

Atelier with direct sales of women's clothing, elegant and refined.

Milan Fashion Mela - XXII Marzo, corner Benvenuto Cellini

Clothing and accessories for children and youth in the types colors and patterns most trendy at very competitive rates.

Midali Boutique Milan - Via Marghera 22

Dresses, skirts and coats on the first floor, paintings and sculptures to the second.

Mil-arg Milan - Inside in Via N. of Apulia 16

Gifts, ornaments in silver and crystal.

Mina service Milano - Via dei Biancospini 8

Store various items at 1000 pounds each (key rings, ornaments, wrapping paper, scissors, boxes) at bargain prices.

Carpeting stock center Milan-Via E. Barigozzi 16

Stocks carpet.

Morandotti Milan-Via Trench Frasche 2

Bags trendy.

Vlach Cashmere Milan - Magenta 46

Craft workshops with direct sales from producer to consumer of fine cashmere knitwear for men and women.

Niki Milan - V.le Montenero 78

Wide selection of clothing for men and women, with several signatures.

Nilaja Milan - Via Melzi d'Eril 18

Exclusive opportunities in silver, jewelry gift ideas from refined originality.

Offers and curiosity Milano - XXII March 25

For men and women, many brands of underwear.

East store Wang Milan - Via Bramante 29

Articles imported directly from the East.

Orleans Milan - Via Plinio 1

Self-service discount quality footwear for men and women.

Parabiago collections Milan - Via Duca di Genova 24

Brand footwear for men and women.

Leather Goods Factory Outlet Milano - Via Riva di Trento 5

Bags and bags of high-class small prices.

ecological vPellicce Lorca Milan - Via Brunelleschi 15

Faux fur quality.

Peter Sport Milan - Via Cavallotti 13

The best sports brands, with discounts up to 80 percent.

Puma factory outlet V.le Montenero Milano-22

Outlet company Puma.

Here Standa Milan - Via Dei Missaglia, corner Boifava, tel. 02,846,551.

Inventories of all products Standa.

Ravarini Castoldi & C. Milan - Inside in Via Gardone 20

Shop inside the historic company, known for the collection of sticks, but also produces furniture design.

Ravizza Country Store Milan - Cascina Boscaccio

Inventories and casual-chic at the negotiations Ravizza.

Richard Ginori Milano - Via della Pergola 11, tel. 026,887,580.


Ritmo Milan - Via Tolstoj 81

Shoes: slippers from the sporty and elegant model, branded and anonymous, for every taste and age, at competitive prices.

Ronchi Milan - Via G. Galilei 26

Factory silverware also strong in the creation of wedding favors for every occasion.

Rufus Milan - Via Vitruvius 35

Stock of shoes and slippers of every kind imaginable.

SHOP Luciano Marcato Milan - via Bizet 36 / D

Woven fabrics of high quality, now off list price.

SHOP ZUCCHI Milan - via Ossona 22

Choosing between the end of the series and products Primetta (sponges, sheets and coordinate)

Saxa Milan - Via G. Mameli 10

Production and sale of apparel and hosiery women's high quality textiles and tailoring.

Settimocielo Milan - Via Cesare da Sesto 1, Sesto San Giovanni tel. 0226229931.

Rosenthal china and glassware store company. Valuable items no longer in production, or discontinued lines.

Shop-in-stock Milan - Via Padova 173, internal

Mega stock house for children and teenagers.

Sirens Milan - Via Garibaldi 197

Store of the producer of refined quality underwear.

Sislan Milan - Via Benghazi 8

Colors and modelliper pure cashmere from Sislan, direct sales, offering its eclectic collection of knitwear.

So.Co.Mas Milan - Via Ripamonti 402

Articles for the bathroom of Italian and foreign brands.

Only Italian Milan - VIIa Isimbardi 27, ext.

Stockists clothing, footwear, handbags and belts.

Shops & Pennies Milan - Via XXIV May 20

Oultet company producing women leaders Vestebene / Miroglio.

Business sales meeting Milan - Via 42 Martiri 124

First and second choice of prestigious brands such Lagostina, Girmi, Ruffoni, cauldrons, knives Inoxbonomi,

F.A.L., Crafond line Amadeus by the drip pan

Shop Bellomo Milan - Via A. Doria 7, internal

Canteen of manufacturer, specializing in beautiful tablecloths, sheets of excellent workmanship and quality for the home.

Shop Belmonte Milan - Via Plinio 2, corner of Via Buenos Aires

Direct selling company addressed to humanity.

Textile shop Brianza Milano - Via Milano 3


Shop Bruno Magli Milan - Via Manzoni 14

Canteen of inventories of the different stores Magli.

Ceramica Bardelli canteen Milan - Via G. Pascoli 4 / 6

Excellent inventory of tile coatings, especially bathrooms.

Christofle shop Milan - Inside in Via Martignoni 10

Store the prestigious Christofle.

Shop dessert Milan-Via Brenta 2

Confectionery company with direct sales to the public.

Shop Etro Milano - Via Spartacus 3

Chic for themselves or the house of refined Etro.

Canteen Evolution Milan - Via Lacaita 2

Homonymous company that manufactures the drug dealing takes to house in order and in closets.

Shop Frette Milan - Via Vittorio Veneto 45

Quilts, bedspreads, sheets, sponges from the refined elegance in a hurry.

Shop Frette Milan - Via Visconti di Modrone 15, tel. 02,777,091.


Shop Gallo Milan - Viale Motta 129

Socks, underwear, swimwear, sweaters and ties.

Good buy shop Milano - Sempione 23

Home furnishings and quality of oriental inspiration.

Shop Haas Milan - via G. Scalvini 14 - tel. 02 3760505.

Furnishing fabrics at very favorable prices, blankets, pillows and rugs.

Shop Luciano Soprani Milan - Via Morosini 30

Direct selling brands of Note for woman and man.

Sweaters store Milan - via Mantegna 1, tel. 023,490,350.

Knitted apparel.

Shop Maglificio R. Scaglione Milan - Via Loch 12

There are also two excellent shops of this company in Milan in Piazza San Pietro in plaster and in Genoa during

Shop Mattel Milan - Via Vittorio Veneto 119

All business lines, from Fisher Price for early childhood to the mythical Barbie.

Canteen R. Scaglione Milano - Genova 2

Direct selling maglificio homonym of Bergamo which produces finished knitting handmade, high quality.

Shop Siport Milan - Via Giotto 1, the Management Center Square, Segrate.

Company that produces shoes for known brands.

T & J shop VESTOR Milan - V.le Elvezia 22

Farm shop that produces clothes for signatures and brands.

Canteen Vanessa Milano - Via Papa Giovanni XXIII 45

Production and sale of a collection on women's classic.

Shop Zucchi Milan - via Lorenzetti 4, tel. 0248705057.

Tissues and sponges at the end of the series.

Area A. Fusco Milan - Via Cascina ex Blackboard 5, ext.

Store of Italian style of Antonio Fusco.

Textile Area Brianza Milano - Via Milano, 3

Manufacturer with direct sales of textile quality.

Space Fashion Milan - Via Monfalcone 12

Everything for dancing.

Sporting store Sacs Milan - Via Carnevali corner via Davanzati

Leather goods.

Stock Market Milano - Via Solari 19

Household items, gift ideas and furnishing accessories.

Stocky docky Milano - San Gottardo 13

Clothing in sizes 6 months to 12 years.

Extravagances Milan - Via Lazzaretto 17

Stock house of branded footwear for men and women.

Land Milan - Via G.B. Square 3

And various household objects, unknown or very special, coming from all over the world.

Test Milano - Via Marcantonio Colonna 11, ext.


Tex Port Milano - Via Ampere 105

A clothing for women, men and children, wholesale and retail.

Timberland Factory Outlet Milano - Via Piave 24/26

Inventories and collections business end of the famous brand casual Timberland.

Dyeing Mariuccia Milan - Bacon 39, Via De Martino 1, Via F.lli Casati 10

For all those who have lack of closets in the house and tremble every time they face the change of season.

Tiratisu 'Milan - Via Faruffini 13

Specialists in knitwear signed.

Tissuteam Milan - Viale Tunisia 15, tel. 0229517883.

Tissue and remnants of discontinued lines of the shop Rubelli.

Treesse Milano - Via Torino 15

Clothing and sports shoes, casual and casual chic.

All Casual Milan - Via Vallazze 109

International shop.

Ugo Rossetti Milan - V.le Marconi 57

Production of good leather shoes for men and women.

VIBEC Milan - via Marco D'Agrate 33

Production Vibec in gold and silver

Luggage Canevari Milano - Buenos Aires, corner Via Caretta

Store leather goods workshop for repairs.

Valsport Milan - Via Paolo Sarpi 52

Sportswear (Fila, Marina Yachting, Valentino, Jantzen, Ciesse).

Vestimoda stock Milan - Via Mauro Macchi 28

Stock house of big names for men and women.

Vestistock Milan - V.le Romagna 19

A selection of Italian and foreign men and women, plus leather goods and accessories.

The desire for home Milano - Vercelli 25

Chain stores of products for the home.

Zeta Milano - Genova 4

Models and materials for footwear made to measure

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